MegaTire Calgary is an official distributor of Superwrap DIY Aerosol – the world’s first spray-able vinyl wrap for wheels and accessories. It is available in high gloss and metallic finishes that can be applied in a one-step application process. As one of Superwraps’s distributors in Calgary, we make it easy to purchase during your visit and can even show you how to apply it. Not only is SuperWrap superior to rubber coatings, but it is also easy to remove. Get yourself a can of Superwrap from MegaTire Calgary today and try it for yourself!

Check out our supplier: SuperWrap

Ready to upgrade your ride? Ask about our huge line of performance upgrade parts from some of the top manufacturers in the world.

With vehicle-specific expert consulting, a talented team, and a drive to exceed the standards in every aspect, we guarantee your off-road experience from MegaTire Calgary will be above and beyond any expectation. Do you work in some of the toughest conditions and need your ride to keep up? Let us worry about outfitting your rig so you can concentrate on your work. Everything from suspension, to body panels, to wheels and tires, to lights, and accessories, we can customize it all. If you drive a Jeep, Truck, 4×4, or ATV, chances are, we have the parts you need to make it unique and perform better than it ever did.

Let us store your winter and summer tires in our secure, temperature-controlled environment. When it is time to swap your tires, just come in and we will have them ready to go.

$100 per season

Protect your car and give it a tough, scratch resistant coating with out latest Ceramic Nanocoating

The Ceramic Nanocoating Package includes the following:

  • Complete Interior/Exterior Detail
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Wax & Power Polish
  • Nanocoating on Vehicle & Wheels

$1000 + GST

Whether it’s time to switch out your tires for a new set or swap out for a set of winter tires, MegaTire Calgary’s talented and professional technicians and mechanics can ensure that your tires are installed and balanced with precision equipment to ensure the longevity of your tires. The life span of your tires may be prolonged so long as there are no other problems with the vehicle, such as: alignment, ball joints, tie-rods and control arm bushings. With our complementary inspections, you’ll know if and when you ever have to change any of these parts. We encourage all of our customers to continuously come back to MegaTire for routine maintenance to avoid costly and unnecessary wear and tear.

We make sure our customers are consulted in regards to proper maintenance and care for things such as correct tire pressure and rotations, and even let you know based on your tire wear, when you should come back. If we feel that your tires are too worn for your own safety – we will notify you and recommend either a set of new or used tires depending on your budget. Calgary winters are dangerous when drivers choose to drive on bald tires, and so we make it our mission to ensure the safety of our fellow Calgarians and in effect all drivers in the city by making sure the correct tires and set with sufficient tread.

Calgary winters can be fierce, and so what better way to protect your safety as well as your passengers than with a set of studs to keep your vehicle on the road and secure. MegaTire Calgary sells affordable high-quality studs to ensure that your average Calgary driver can get on the road quicker and more safely without spending a fortune. Have your tires studded today and get twice the winter traction for only $120 per set.

Sometimes a stray nail on the road is all it takes to start that slow leak on your tires. Replacing your old damaged tires with new ones can be quite costly, especially when all that’s keeping your old tires off the road is a tiny hole.

Come to our shop to receive tire repair services – whether you bought them from us or not. There’s no excuse not to get your tire checked out with us! We offer tire plugs as low as $15, and tire patches as low as $25!

Damaged Wheel?

We have wheel repairs starting at only $150/wheel!

Your vehicle isn’t worth the money you spend – if you don’t maintain it. MegaTire Calgary’s professional technicians and mechanics utilize only high-tech equipment for diagnostics and testing, allowing us to pin-point current or potential problems with your vehicle’s suspension. The price is worth avoiding the potential cost when something breaks down. Your vehicle receives a complementary inspection with every tire service. As a local Calgary business, we know what your vehicle goes through on a daily basis, and we offer premier auto repair & maintenance services including oil changes to ensure that your car keeps driving smoothly for years to come. Visit us at our location here in the heart of North-East Calgary!

We use Genuine NAPA Auto Parts.

MegaTire Calgary offers the solutions and services you need to put you back in the driver’s seat as soon as possible. Do you have a broken windshield or car window? No problem. We proudly service all makes and models of vehicle – from Chevy to Bentley and provide top-grade professional service to all of our customers.

A good pair of headlights is hard to find. Even with a new vehicle – stock headlights can be abysmal – lacking even the brightness to help you drive from Banff to Calgary in the middle of the night. A professional set of headlights can make all the difference when driving at night – and keeping yourself and those in your vehicle safe. MegaTire Calgary is the exclusive distributor of LED Eagle lighting packages for headlight applications. If it’s for off-road, fog, racing, or street lights – we’ve got the best quality components for the best price. Stop by or call us today to learn more!