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At MegaTire Calgary, we carry a large selection of tires to suit your needs. Everything from all seasons to winters, from coupes to pickup trucks and other large vehicles, and even sport cars. We carry a large variety of brands and models, including the most popular tires and more. Use our tire search to find your match, or come to our shop today, and we’ll be sure to match you up with the perfect tires for your vehicle.

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MegaTire Calgary now offers 0% Financing for qualifying customers on all tires and rims. Whether they’re winter tires, all-seasons, performance rims, or even repairs. Now everything is more affordable than ever!

Two options available: 4-Month Equal Payments @ 5% Financing Fee OR 12-Month Equal Payments @ 15% Financing Fee


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No problem! Just give us a call at (403) 277-6392 and we’ll find the tires for you!


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Looking at a new set or tires or wheels for your trailer, ATV, or Golf Cart? We most likely carry the ones you’re looking for. Contact our shop either by phone or email.

*Financing price and interest rate dependent on terms, pricing, and qualification. Only available to qualifying customers.