Whether it’s time to switch out your tires for a new set or swap out for a set of winter tires, MegaTire Calgary’s talented and professional technicians and mechanics can ensure that your tires are installed and balanced with precision equipment to ensure the longevity of your tires. The life span of your tires may be prolonged so long as there are no other problems with the vehicle, such as: alignment, ball joints, tie-rods and control arm bushings. With our complementary inspections, you’ll know if and when you ever have to change any of these parts. We encourage all of our customers to continuously come back to MegaTire for routine maintenance to avoid costly and unnecessary wear and tear.

We make sure our customers are consulted in regards to proper maintenance and care for things such as correct tire pressure and rotations, and even let you know based on your tire wear, when you should come back. If we feel that your tires are too worn for your own safety – we will notify you and recommend either a set of new depending on your budget. Calgary winters are dangerous when drivers choose to drive on bald tires, and so we make it our mission to ensure the safety of our fellow Calgarians and in effect all drivers in the city by making sure the correct tires and set with sufficient tread.